Accueil Paysan

Bird watching with JoŽl

I am an experienced, enthusiastic amateur†who will willingly accompany you in discovering this wild side of our countryside.

Birds of the marshes and reedbeds of Mortagne sur Gironde

This is an exceptional site whose beauty and variety of bird-life will bring you moments of excitement and pleasure.

In the marshes you may see shelducks, elegant avocets, egrets, ducks and others.

Amongst the reedbeds, various types of warblers, goldfinches and other surprises await you.
Above, in the sky, birds of prey such as harriers, buzzards, black kites and storks are regularly seen.


Sightings from the 10th February :
About 900 avocettes
About 400 tadornes de belon
And a flock of 1500 grey cranes and about 200 geese


Near the house, in the woods and fields

Garden birds†: swallows and house-martins, redstarts, warblers, tits, goldfinches, finches, greenfinches and up above, buzzards and falcons.

We can organize outings, weekends, including accommodation and meals (Only on request, in advance, and minimum of 12 people).


Calendar of outings along the Gironde Estuary and Clion with Joel