Accueil Paysan

The Garden of Wellbeing

To add that little ’extra’ to your holiday and to benefit fully from your rest and relaxation, why not treat yourself to a session of ’wellbeing’†?

Jacqueline, somato-psychopédagogue D.U., qualified in Chinese Massage, balancing the body’s energies and the Vodder method of draining manually body toxins can expertly use these methods to enhance feelings of wellbeing or to offer an aid during those difficult periods in life (divorce, bereavement, lose of a job, illness, etc).


Somato-psychopédagogy or "union of a healthy body and a healthy mind" allows :

  • - to evacuate and manage better physical and emotional stress
  • - to enrich one’s handling of relationships
  • - to increase awareness of self and others

Individual session†: 45€
Small groups : "Gestuelle du Sensible" : 8€

The "Gestuelle du Sensible" is a series of simple but inhabitual movements which encourage the person’s awareness of his physical and inner being, often an original and enriching experience.†

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