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Discovering the Gironde Estuary

Between the headland at Suzac, the circuit Mortagne and the nature reserve at Vitrezay, there are plenty of walks to discover the wildlife of the area.

Equally, you can enjoy all of this on horseback or in a cart drawn by horse or donkey, following some of the 1000km of specified tracks.

Links to visit† :
- les idées randos
- site officiel de la Haute Saintonge

Local gastronomy†: Asparagus, melon, strawberries, lamb, special fishes from the Estuary†(lamprey, maigre, Alose, anguille) and of course caviar of the Estuary.
Take advantage of the ’Pass Estuaire’ at Blaye to take a short cruise on the Gironde (Royan, Meschers, ou Le Verdon sur mer)
To find out more about Pass Estuaire