Accueil Paysan

The ’Maison du Bonheur’ is the ideal base

Located in Haute Saintonge, the ’Maison du Bonheur’ is the ideal base for your various days out :

This area remains one of the most natural, with a diversity thanks to the proximity of the Gironde Estuary. Here, the ever-present marshes and water courses can be appreciated by following the various paths and tracks of the Estuary.
Having tried some of the activities on offer in the region, come and taste what the ’Maison du Bonheur’ has to tempt you†!

Relax, strolling in the grounds, with the scent of flowers in the air. Stretch out by the pool, savouring the coolness and tranquility, only interrupted by birdsong.

If you ask JoŽl, he will happily serve as your guide in the world of birds which he knows so well, whether in his garden, the forest or along the Estuary



If you appreciate good food, you will love the organic fruits and vegetables from the garden, recalling days past. Not forgetting JoŽl’s jams†!

To unwind and renew your energy, ask Jacqueline for some ’wellbeing’ sessions and advice - so good for body and mind.

Ask for information and make an appointment when booking

Enjoy your stay†!